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About Us

Farm Solutions have been established since 1998 and have supplied the farming community with software solutions that are easy to use, well supported and amongst the cheapest available. The first working program was recording cattle movements in November 1997 on Kirkton Farm, Aberfoyle with the launch for other farms in 1998.

Our telephone support is on standard BT lines and not on the expensive premium rate line which is so common today. We also have a monthly remote backup service which takes the worry away from time consuming backups.

Why continue to persevere with manual records or sub standard computer records when there is software which makes record keeping a simple task. Our program is integrated to upload the information direct to CTS and of course Scot Moves / EID.

Try our programs for up to 60 days with no obligation to purchase. All you need do is contact us by phone or by email and we will organise your farm program with your current cattle ready to record movements in actual time. This is by far the easiest way to evaluate your farm software.

To run the program all you need do is register your farm name and then you can download your farming stock directly from BCMS with CTS Online. We will upload your cattle onto the farm program and give you full telephone or remote access supoort as often as you need to get you up and running. Remember, the Farm Solutions program suite is a point and click program or “Menu Driven” , which means that we have programmed all the hard work out.

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