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We will be delighted to setup, on your computer, a full program, loaded with your farm's cattle. You can then use this with absolutely no obligation for 60 days with full support and upgrades and also with our "Canoe Crew" computer backup and health program.

As we load your program with your own farm from BCMS we need you to contact us so that we can guide you through that wee bit of getting a text file from BCMS with all your cattle on it. Along with that we need:-

Your Farm Name

Your Sheep numbers if you have any

Your Main Farm CPH

Also CPH numbers of any Off farm Grazings.

email support with these details and your contact number and we will do all the rest. You can also phone us on 07872 463460 (duty person). Please note we do not accept "unknown","private", or international numbers. Leave a message if it goes to answer service as existing customers get priority on phones. We will however get back to you usually within minutes.