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Become a Reseller for Farm Solutions

Our agents are our partners as such we pay our agents a very generous proportion from the sale of the software. We expect our resellers to have another place of work and so you can choose the hours you might want to devote to this. Some may just want to introduce business from time to time to pay for a holiday perhaps or Christmas or just to boost your income. In truth, it takes very little effort to gain a substantial amount into your bank.

We have an indepth reseller plan which will help any person who comes onboard to grow their business, including an annual retainer for every customer that they deal with. 

To enquire about becoming lucrative reseller, please email us in the first instance with a bit about who you are and your farming background. Email Your enquiry is entirely confidential and is without obligation.

Please be aware, that although we expect you to "know farming" you do not need to have any experience in computing or software or even sales.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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