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Sheep Tracing and Recording

Farm Solutions sheep software program allows farmers with sheep to easily track the movements and prices of sheep on and off the farm. The program keeps all the necessary records for the authorities whist giving access to excellent management to the farmer. There are 2 programs, one for pedigree sheep which individually tracks each animal and of course the main sheep package which tracks sheep in batches.

  •  Menu Driven with Easy to use point and click navigation
  •  Customisable Farm Areas
  •  Easy Lamb recordings
  •  Batch Progressions, Purchases, Sales etc
  •  Price and Weight Recording
  •  Fully integrated with the Animal Health Package
  •  Full Sheep movement recordings
  •  Full search and print facility
  •  Location manager for those with multiple locations
  •  And more, much more including great pricing


Sheep Software, Recording Sheep Program