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Vet and Med (Animal Health)

The Farm Solutions vet and med program is a very easy to use addition to the Cattle or Sheep program. It is fully integrated to both and allows for easy tracking of withdrawal periods whilst allowing the farmer to make informed decisions about individual animals from their history profile.

  • Menu Driven with easy to use point and click system
  • Fully Integrated with both Cattle and Sheep programs
  • Automatic Drug Withdrawl Calculations and Warnings for Beef and Dairy
  • Full "Search and Print" anything facility
  • Automatic Batch number and Expiry Date recording against each animal
  • Very simple recording for indivual or batches of animals
  • Versatitlity for coping with "Spillages", "Wastage", and "Disposals"
  • Simple recording facility for "Non Drug" use health issues
  • Easy Use iPhone App, record as you go on your iPhone
  • Great Pricing

Animal Health Software, Vet and Med

Animal Health Software, Vet and Med Recording Roftware