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Farm Support

It is the nature of our business to give good technical and practical support for the farm suite of programs. Users of our system benefit from the annual support and upgrade contract which allows the user to phone or email for comprehensive support.

Our business relies on the continued use of our products by the farmers, year in and year out and as such you matter to us. To ensure that costs are kept to a minimum for both farms and ourselves, we have personnel answering the phones on an office time scale. At other times messages are uplifted and dealt with regularly.

Our telephone help line is the same number as our sales line, we treat existing customers and prospective new sales with the same importance. 

We also have an enhanced support service. This service provides you with automated backup of your Farm Program and other folders of your choice every month to our servers for safe keeping incase you have a calamity at your end.  We also check the firewalls of your computer and the antivirus and antimalware protocols.  Basically, instead of phoning a computer person, phone us for anything to do with your computer or email systems, both Mac and PC, Android or iphone.

How to Get the best from Customer Support:-

?  BY Telephone on :- 07872 463460 (transferred to duty person) from 8am until 5pm weekdays and 01349 877556 in the evenings from 5pm until 8pm and from 9am to 5pm at the weekends.

Always have your computer on and be in front of the computer.

Try not save up questions, we, and other callers prefer to deal with each query as it happens rather than to clog up the lines with a long and multi-faceted query line.

We are happy to give guidance and advice where we can and will always answer queries on any computer or software related matter. However try not to use our help line instead of that of Microsoft or AOL or other software vendor.

If you get an answering machine, always leave a message. Farmers tend to phone at roughly similar times. We will always return your call. Keep the message brief. On busy days we check our messages regularly to ensure that we get back to all promptly.

? By Email :- 

Many farms prefer to email as they then get a written reply and thus step by step directions to the solution they are seeking. 

Always put your name and the farm name on the email. 
You are welcome to ask multi-faceted questions. 
Always be clear in explaining your query. 

All Email queries are answered by Email, so check your email for our reply.

Full Support Package including software updates
£95.00 pa

Our reknowned "Canoe Crew" software backup and computer support service
£65.00 pa